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The Trike Path helps keep trikes and riders safer, away from other playground traffic. Easy to set-up, change, and maintain the Trike Path instantly improves the playground experience. Our trike paths come in a variety of course options, so you can choose one that best suits your playground. Looking for an immersive experience for kids? Pair your course with such accessories as gas stations and signs.

The pedal path is made from TPO plastic material, which is safer than traditional solutions; if a little one falls off their tricycle, they are less susceptible to falling injuries.

  • Our Trike Path is ADA Compliant, it is 5’ wide and has a 2” edge’s  along the side so your play area can meet the ADA Law.

  • Our optional Stripe Kit uses D.O.T. marking material. Reflective. Permanent adhesion. Textured. Click the detail image below.


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